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In 2016 I did a research project with The John Deakin Archive on the artistic exchange between John Deakin and Francis Bacon. ‘Take it very much further away from the photograph’, an essay on how Bacon appropriated Deakin’s photographs, has just been published in the The British Art Journal, vol. XIX, no.3, Winter 2018/2019.

More information here


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FiSH Neighbourhood Care aims to inspire a caring community where older people live fulfilling, independent lives knowing that help willingly given by neighbours is at hand.’ I am delighted to contribute to their programme with a free lecture on Francis Bacon’s portraits after photographs, at their Barnes Green Centre, London, at 11.12.2018.

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‘In other words, less emphasis is put on the knowledge of art and familiarity with it’s research material.’ I am looking forward to speaking at the conference ‘Connoisseurship in Contemporary Art Research’ taking place in Helsinki in November and organised by the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, University of Helsinki and University of Turku. A theme close to my heart!

Please find more information here: Connoisseurship in Contemporary Art Research

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We just launched new material on the ‘Influence & Inspiration’ behind Francis Bacon’s art on I had the great pleasure of planning and authoring the section with entries on Rembrandt van Rijn, Pablo Picasso, Sergei Eisenstein, Lucian Freud, John Deakin, The Independent Group and Bacon’s artistic legacy.

Explore it here: Influence & Inspiration

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As of late the Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky is embracing augmented reality in his work – with mixed results. I reviewed his Master of Photography display at Photo London 2018 for SuperMassiveBlackHole.

You can read the text here

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Tate invited me to take part in a talk and panel discussion on the concept of ‘Gaze’ in relationship to their current exhibition All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life, 28 February – 27 August 2018. Come along and join me, philosopher Timothy Secret and artist Amalia Ulman for an interesting afternoon on 12 May. Please find more information on the event here

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The Clemens Sels Museum Neuss, Germany, is currently staging a fantastic show on portrait painting and photography, Wunsch & Wirklichkeit Der Einfluss der Fotografie auf das Porträt (Desire & Reality: The Influence of Photography on Portraiture’). I will be giving the public lecture ‘Kill your Darlings – Francis Bacons Porträts nach fotografischen Vorlagen’ (Francis Bacon’s portraits after photographic sources) at its closing event on 18 February 2018.

More information here

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