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Art Souvenir: Francis Bacon, in collaboration with The Estate of Francis Bacon, Gudrun Publishing, 2017. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

Francis Bacon, iBook in collaboration with The Estate of Francis Bacon and Art Finder, launched April 2012. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

Francis Bacon Metamorphoses, The Estate of Francis Bacon (ed.) Dorset Press: Dorchester 2011. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


Forthcoming: ”Take it very much further away from the photograph’ – how Francis Bacon appropriated John Deakin’s photographs’, British Art Journal, Autumn 2018 (XIX, 3)

‘Border Crosser’, introduction to And everything becomes nothing again, artist book by Léa Habourdin, 2016. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

‘Working material: Bullfighting’, Quarterly Focus, November 2014, Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Monaco. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


exhibition: ‘Seeing Something: Richard Mosse’s Incoming`, Richard Mosse, Incoming, Barbican, Curve Gallery, London, 15 February – 23 April 2017, Super Massive Black Hole, May 2017. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Maria Lassnig, A Painting Survey, 1950 – 2007′, Hauser & Wirth, London, 1 March – 29 April 2017, this is tomorrow Contemporary Art Magazine, 17 April 2017. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Neo Rauch: Rondo’, Gallery David Zwirner, London, 5 October – 12 November 2016, this is tomorrow Contemporary Art Magazine, 8 November 2016. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

book: ‘Francis Bacon – New Studies: Centenary Essays’, Martin Harrison (ed.), Göttingen: Steidl, 2009, on artbooks, blog by artbooksonline, June, 2016. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Under the Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London 11 Apr – 20 July 2014, Super Massive Black Hole, issue 17 ‘The Face of Latin America’, September 2014. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Eoin McHugh: All Cognition is Recollection’, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin 23 July – 05 September 2009, Circa, 25 August 2009. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


‘Perry Ogden on Documenting Reece Mews’, Super Massive Black Hole, issue 18 ‘Studio’, December 2015. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


‘Francis Bacon A Terrible Beauty’, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin 28 October 2009 – 07 March 2010, secondary school guide, Katy Fitzpatrick (ed.). ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

‘Shana Moulton: Whispering Pines’, Broadcast Gallery, Dublin 22 October – 21 November 2009, exhibition text with P. E. Moore. View Whispering Pines

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