Francis Bacon – In the Mirror of Photography. Collecting, Preparatory Practice and Painting, Berlin: De Gruyter, 2022. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

Francis Bacon Metamorphoses, The Estate of Francis Bacon: London, 2011. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

Francis Bacon, iBook in collaboration with The Estate of Francis Bacon and Art Finder, launched April 2012. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

Art Souvenir: Francis Bacon, in collaboration with The Estate of Francis Bacon, Gudrun Publishing, 2017. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


forthcoming: ‘Like a Moth to a Flame …’ – Francis Bacon and Denis Wirth Miller, Francis Bacon Studies VI, Martin Harrison (ed.), London: The Estate of Francis Bacon with Thames & Hudson, 2022.

forthcoming: Vom Leben und Sterbenlassen in Reece Mews. Francis Bacons fotografisches Arbeitsmaterial, conference proceedings »Verschwinden« Engaging with material & medial losses in the archive and library, Midterm Conference, MWW Research Association, 14/15 October 2021, German Literature Archive Marbach, Göttingen: Wallstein, 2023.

‘Take it very much further away from the photograph’ – How Francis Bacon (1909–1992) appropriated the photographs of John Deakin (1912–1972), British Art Journal, vol. XIX, no.3, Winter 2018/2019. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

‘Border Crosser’, introduction to And everything becomes nothing again, artist book by Léa Habourdin, 2016. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

‘The Wivenhoe Chapter – Francis Bacon and Denis Wirth-Miller’, July 2015, Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Monaco, website. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

‘Working material: Bullfighting’, Quarterly Focus, November 2014, Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Monaco, website. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


book: ‘Yves Peyré, Francis Bacon ou La mesure de l’excès, Paris: Gallimard, 2019’, Regards croisés ‚Stella Kramrisch‘, Nr.11, 2021.

exhibition: ‘Neo Rauch. Handlauf, Galerie EIGEN+ART, Leipzig, 26.09.2020-12.12.2020, kunsttexte.de, Sektion Gegenwart, Nr.1, 2021. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels

exhibition: Das Unglaubliche Glauben. Lee Millers Kriegsfotografien in der Kunsthalle Erfurt, Rundbrief Fotografie, Vol. 28 (2021), No.1. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Master of Photography Edward Burtynsky at Photo London 2018′, Master of Photography Edward Burtynsky, Photo London, 17 May – 20 May 2018, Super Massive Black Hole, June 2018. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels

exhibition: ‘Seeing Something: Richard Mosse’s Incoming`, Richard Mosse, Incoming, Barbican, Curve Gallery, London, 15 February – 23 April 2017, Super Massive Black Hole, May 2017. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Maria Lassnig, A Painting Survey, 1950 – 2007′, Hauser & Wirth, London, 1 March – 29 April 2017, this is tomorrow Contemporary Art Magazine, 17 April 2017. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels

exhibition: ‘Neo Rauch: Rondo’, Gallery David Zwirner, London, 5 October – 12 November 2016, this is tomorrow Contemporary Art Magazine, 8 November 2016. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

book: ‘Francis Bacon – New Studies: Centenary Essays’, Martin Harrison (ed.), Göttingen: Steidl, 2009, on artbooks, blog by artbooksonline, June, 2016. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Under the Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London 11 Apr – 20 July 2014, Super Massive Black Hole, issue 17 ‘The Face of Latin America’, September 2014. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

exhibition: ‘Eoin McHugh: All Cognition is Recollection’, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin 23 July – 05 September 2009, Circa, 25 August 2009. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


‘Perry Ogden on Documenting Reece Mews’, Super Massive Black Hole, issue 18 ‘Studio’, December 2015. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)


‘Francis Bacon. A Terrible Beauty’, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin 28 October 2009 – 07 March 2010, secondary school guide, Katy Fitzpatrick (ed.). ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

‘Shana Moulton: Whispering Pines’, Broadcast Gallery, Dublin 22 October – 21 November 2009, exhibition text with P. E. Moore.


for example: ‘Influence & Inspiration’, section on Francis Bacon’s artistic influences and legacy, entries on Sergei Eisenstein, Rembrandt van Rijn, Pablo Picasso, John Deakin, Lucian Freud, the Independent Group, Roy de Maistre and Bacon’s legacy, launched July 2018. ff49ce17e1541baa9298514ce6ad37ae-information-circle-icon-by-vexels (1)

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