Driven by curiosity and passion, I am working as a professional fine art researcher and author. As an independent art historian, I am taking commissions for research projects, monographs, reviews, academic, curatorial and educational texts. In addition to having a strong interest in modern and contemporary art, film and photography, I focus on figurative post-war painting. I am particularly fascinated by artists’ working methods, complex narratives and rich visuals.

Since graduating from the University of Cologne, I have been focusing on the work of Francis Bacon. I have been researching and publishing for The Estate of Francis Bacon, London, most notably on the Francis Bacon Studio Archive at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, Monaco, and The John Deakin Archive, London. I completed my PhD at the University of Cologne in 2019 (thesis title ‘On the Trail of Francis Bacon – Painting from Photography’).

More information:

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Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker

Forum Kunstgeschichte Britanniens und Irlands (FAHBI) together with Christian Berger contact for modern and contemporary art.

Arbeitskreis Digitale Kunstgeschichte 

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