As an art historian Ph.D. driven by curiosity and passion, I have a strong interest in modern and contemporary art, film and photography, with a focus on figurative post-war painting. I am particularly fascinated by artists’ working methods, complex narratives, rich visuals, and everything surreal. Francis Bacon, John Deakin, Lee Miller, Neo Rauch, Maria Lassnig and Richard Mosse are among the artists I have written about in the past.

Since graduating from the University of Cologne in 2009, I have been researching and publishing for The Estate of Francis Bacon, London, most notably on the Francis Bacon Studio Archive at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, Monaco, and The John Deakin Archive, London. I completed my PhD at the University of Cologne in 2019 (published at De Gruyter in May 2022 as Francis Bacon – In the Mirror of Photography. Collecting, Preparatory Practice and Painting). I conceptualised and managed the implementation of the official website of The Estate of Francis Bacon, francis-bacon.com, which manifests my expertise and interest in digital art history. I am currently working as Scientific Director of the Research Association Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel.

View my profile on British Art Network run by Tate and the Paul Mellon Centre here


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