I am very proud that my book Francis Bacon – In the Mirror of Photography. Collecting, Preparatory Practice and Painting will be published by De Gruyter in May 2022. It is based on my PhD research and thus marks the end of a long and exciting journey.

Francis Bacon consistently and deliberately based his paintings on the photographic material he collected in his studios, most famously so in the last one at 7 Reece Mews, London, for this purpose. Francis Bacon – In the Mirror of Photography brings together Bacon’s pictorial springboards for the first time and delineates and interprets recurring patterns and methods, but also highlights the limitations of Bacon’s interest in photography.

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As part of the international MWW-Summer School 2021 ‘Collection Spaces – Räume des Sammelns’, I will be presenting the lecture ‘‘Das Goethehaus ist ziemlich mitgenommen‘ – Lee Millers Blick auf Buchenwald und Weimar’ at the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation on 25 August 2021. This is a unique opportunity to discuss Lee Miller’s photographs of the liberation of the concentration camp at the site where they were taken.

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My review of Neo Rauch’s exhibition Handlauf, which I saw at Galerie EIGEN+ART in Leipzig last year, has just been published by the open access art journal (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin). My text discusses the painter’s attempts to avoid plain interpretation and keep the sovereignty over the interpretation of his art, and compares his strategies to achieve this with those of Francis Bacon. Read the review online here: Neo Rauch. Handlauf. Galerie EIGEN+ART, Leipzig, 26.09.2020-12.12.2020

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My essay “‘Take it very much further away from the photograph’ – How Francis Bacon (1909–1992) appropriated the photographs of John Deakin (1912–1972)”, which I published in the British Art Journal in winter 2018/2019, is now available on Jstor:

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I presented my PhD project at a meeting of the Fachforum Kunstgeschichte Britanniens und Irlands – Forum Art History of Britain and Ireland (FAHBI) and was very pleased about my peers’ positive reaction. All colleagues from Ireland and the UK are most welcome to join the forum.

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My first publication ever in German, “Das Unglaubliche Glauben”, is a review of the Lee Miller exhibition Lee Miller: To believe it! I saw in Erfurt last year. You can read it in Foto Marburg’s current Rundbrief Fotografie.

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Many years of blood, sweat and tears came to an end when I submitted my PhD thesis and passed my viva at the University of Cologne this summer. On the Trail of Francis Bacon – Painting from Photography explores the artist’s relationship to photography analysing his collection habits, working environment and methods, and the dynamics of his appropriation process. WATCH THIS SPACE

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In 2016 I did a research project with The John Deakin Archive on the artistic exchange between John Deakin and Francis Bacon. ‘Take it very much further away from the photograph’, an essay on how Bacon appropriated Deakin’s photographs, has just been published in the The British Art Journal, vol. XIX, no.3, Winter 2018/2019.

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FiSH Neighbourhood Care aims to inspire a caring community where older people live fulfilling, independent lives knowing that help willingly given by neighbours is at hand.’ I am delighted to contribute to their programme with a free lecture on Francis Bacon’s portraits after photographs, at their Barnes Green Centre, London, at 11.12.2018.

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‘In other words, less emphasis is put on the knowledge of art and familiarity with it’s research material.’ I am looking forward to speaking at the conference ‘Connoisseurship in Contemporary Art Research’ taking place in Helsinki in November and organised by the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, University of Helsinki and University of Turku. A theme close to my heart!

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